Elisa Rusca

The joy of living is expressed in the serene smile of those who love: now, this is precisely the case for the artistic production of Costanzo Rovati – i.e. smiling at life – who in his “material” research actually explores matter, of the support, of the sign, of the colour and its absence, in the graphic gesture that immortalizes suspended moments. These are works made on wood, characterised by warm, earthy colours, reminiscent of the Mediterranean when summer is at its early stage: the blue – sky or sea? -, the red of earth and rust, the yellow, the green, the brown; and then the white, which is sheer light, sparkling on the waves at dawn, but also the sparkle of the moon. Works carved in marble, purified by flames. They are intimate, they do not shout complaining in search of attention; on the contrary, they attract the eye through the same magnetic power as fragmented dreamlike visions, fleeting temporalities, lived or imagined memories, abstraction of deep desires of closeness, belonging, and life.


Simple and yet articulated in style, with a depth that emerges at the surface of the images, Rovati speaks to us directly of the great mysteries of life. Costanzo Rovati’s obsession is the weave of the vital fabric that makes up the universe, which is order in apparent chaos. By exploring its multiple plastic transpositions, the artist obtains an extremely homogeneous body of works in the research of materials, yet rigorous and coherent in the form and realization. Cut up and divided, as visual syncopes, yet amplified, choral, repeated in gestures and themes; hypnotic and seductive like the Bossa Nova, the images capture us and take us far away. Quiet, calm, and warm, they remind us gently that in the fragility and solitude of existence, isolation is only apparent: everything is connected, everything is part of a single, immense, impalpable embrace.

Berlin, 2018