Ignazio Mormino

This exhibition smells of clean. Costanzo Rovati is an original, sincere, and inspired artist who follows a path of his own, keeping away from the irritating noise of the so-called desecration. He renews without shouting. The technical novelty of these works does not escape our notice – nor could it actually do it. There is colour, but there is also relief. With great confidence, the painter addresses and solves all the problems that arise from “matter”. What matters most, however, is the enthusiasm and happiness he lavishes in expressing himself. We recommend you look carefully at each work with a hint of curiosity (quite so: curiosity) his most recent works, which at fist glance look like variations on the theme of the leaf. In fact, they only seem to be, but they are not. You even question whether they are fingerprints rather leaves: light, elegant, sometimes ethereal signs (upon backgrounds that are almost always light coloured), like a discreet presence or a musical note. We are induced to think of music because there is harmony. Under this lucky star, Rovati will definitely go far.

Milan 1978