Anselmo Villata


The universe, on the one hand, is told through his own experience and, on the other, enters the story itself, partly on account of its physical presence, which is adapted and worked out through the sensibility of the one who knows how to grasp its deepest essence and to enrich the structure itself, hence giving it a new meaning.

However, it is not about expressions of an extemporaneous nature or bound to impetus and instinct. On the contrary, Rovati ties all his activity to a painstaking study and a precise planning that goes through his entire work. If, on the one hand, it is true that the hand guides him through the matter, it is also true that the way he approaches it is definitely not left to chance: he does not like to predict exactly the result, but directs instead the action so that from it the work is born as the fruit of the ingenuity which, however, does not want to control and invade every field, but leaves room to that unpredictability which also means emotion and wonder.

The pigments, personally prepared by the artist, reveal even more the intimate relationship that binds the work to its creator, who lives it fully by turning it into a new experience, in addition to that being told.

Thus, both the universe and life are at the same time the subject and the object of the artistic narrative, which is expressed through a wide and conscious use of matter, meant in its widest and most open sense: from Corten steel to stone sculptures, including plastic, up to kaolin pictorial compositions or dust of Lecce stone and, finally, papers, with delicate movements traced out by the force of powerful material compressions. […]

Florence 2017


Costanzo Rovati traces a novel full of suggestions, memories and visions; it is not a question of a person’s biography, but of a sort of collective narrative in which the protagonist lends himself to sharing fragments of life that concern each one of us: love, life, joy, relationships with others and with nature.

Attractive and firm, the gesture of the maker is always well present in each of his creations, giving very precise connotations to frames of great expressive and technical intensity.

The matter is Rovati’s greatest ally, as this artist is a curious experimenter, as well as a skilled knower of how to shape his compositions through the most diverse substances, objects or remains left by nature. Everything is available and, depending on the need, can become an irreplaceable piece of a composition that acquires even greater expressive power thanks to a story that pervades that very element

Through such a highly evocative, engaging, and emotional journey, all of us, being enraptured by the works of the Master from Pavia, find ourselves surrounded by the stories and the history of a place whose past reverberates in the environments and interacts with a corpus of works that, being very close to perfection, return an ascendant of great impact that completes a perfect combination of reason and emotion.

Malta 2018